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Youth Support USA is the American Division
of the International Charity Youth Support.

youth support Youth Support USA began life as a collaboration between Youth Support (International) and the Adolescent Medicine department of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and has spread to encompass activities in several States. CHLA logo
Diana Birch The driving forces behind the charity are Diana Birch - Director of Youth Support and Richard MacKenzie head of the Division of Adolescent Medicine at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

Our board members include a number of professionals and lay members dedicated to improving the lives of young people and we are joined by an enthusiastic groups of Youth Leaders. These individuals are in touch with the needs and wishes of their peers and help us to mould our services accordingly.
Richard MacKenzie
Our USA based Youth Leaders include Lex Steppling (below right) and Noha Garcia.  Leila Birch (below centre) is our Drama Director and responsible for creative workshops.
  Edwin Leila Lex